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If you're navigating the exciting world of cryptocurrency, Binance's Crypto Word of the Day (WODL) game is a must-try. This engaging challenge invites users to decipher crypto-related words daily.

Let's dive into a comprehensive guide to help you conquer the game and claim your crypto rewards!

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Today's Answers and Solutions

Get all five words correctly for this week’s Binance WODL theme ‘Binance 7YA’ and share 500000 points.

The weekly theme is "Binance 7YA".

The activity period is from 8th July to 14th July, 2024. (Get notified when the next theme is live )

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  1. 3 Letter WODL Words
  2. 4 Letter WODL Words
  3. 5 Letter WODL Words
  4. 6 Letter WODL Words
  5. 7 Letter WODL Words
  6. 8 Letter WODL Words

3 Letter WODL Words

  • NEW
  • PAY
  • ETF
  • BTC
  • FEE
  • POW

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4 Letter WODL Words

  • CHAT
  • EARN
  • SAFE
  • USER
  • RISK
  • MODE

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5 Letter WODL Words


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6 Letter WODL Words


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7 Letter WODL Words


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8 Letter WODL Words


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Understanding Binance Wodl Game

How to Play Binance Crypto Word of the Day: A Comprehensive Guide

1. New User? Get Started:

  • If you're new to the Binance app, kickstart your journey by tapping on the provided link to create your Binance account. This not only ensures you're part of the Binance community but also opens doors to additional rewards and benefits.
  • As a new user, make sure to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process. This step not only enhances the security of your account but also unlocks additional welcome rewards.

2. Accessing WODL:

  • Navigate through the Binance app's user-friendly interface to reach the homepage. Once there, look for the "More" option – a gateway to additional features and campaigns within the app.

3. Locating Gift & Campaign Section:

  • Within the "More" section, scroll down to find the "Gift & Campaign" category. This is where Binance houses various promotional activities, challenges, and games, including the Word of the Day game.

4. Enter the World of WODL:

  • Within the "Gift & Campaign" section, find and tap on "Word of the Day" or simply "WODL." This is your portal to the daily crypto word puzzle.

5. Start Decoding:

  • Once you've entered the Word of the Day section, the challenge begins. Uncover crypto-related words hidden within the letter grid. Each day, a new puzzle awaits, keeping the experience fresh and exciting.

6. Word Submission:

  • To make progress in the Word of the Day challenge, submit at least one decoded word. This ensures your active participation and contributes to your eligibility for rewards.

7. Daily Games:

  • The Word of the Day challenge operates on a daily basis. Expect a new puzzle to arrive every 24 hours, providing a consistent and engaging experience for users. The activity, in this instance, is valid from July 8th to July 14th, 2024.

8. Eligibility for Prizes:

  • The more actively you participate, the greater your chances of winning rewards. Users with five wins during the specified period become eligible for a share of 500,000 Binance points, adding an extra layer of motivation for consistent engagement.

In essence, playing Binance Crypto Word of the Day is not just a game; it's an interactive and rewarding experience seamlessly integrated into the Binance app. By following these detailed steps, you can navigate the challenges, decode words, and unlock a world of crypto excitement and incentives. Enjoy the journey of daily decoding and claim your well-deserved rewards!

How Points are Awarded:

Word Length Matters:

  • Points are granted based on the length of the successfully uncovered words. The longer the word, the more points you earn. This incentivizes players to aim for longer and potentially more challenging terms.

Streak System:

  • Binance employs a streak system to further gamify the experience. Players who participate consecutively for multiple days earn bigger rewards. For example, successfully decoding words for seven days straight triggers greater prizes.

Points Conversion:

  • 3-letter word: 5 Points

  • 4-letter word: 10 Points

  • 5-letter word: 15 Points

  • 7-letter word: 50 Points

  • 8-letter word: 100 Points

Bonus Leaderboard Prizes:

  • Daily Leaderboard Prizes:

    • The competition extends beyond individual word decoding. The ten fastest times each day receive additional bonus points. This introduces an element of competition and rewards players not just for accuracy but also for speed.

Cumulative Streak Rewards:

  • Streak Rewards:

    • Players participating consecutively for several days receive incremental rewards. A seven-day streak, for instance, triggers more substantial prizes, providing an extra layer of motivation for sustained engagement.

Redemption Vouchers and Other Cryptocurrency Prizes:

  • Point Redemption:

    • The accumulated points convert into tangible rewards, including Binance redemption vouchers and other cryptocurrency prizes. These rewards can be explored in the Binance Reward Hub, adding a sense of achievement and tangible benefits to the game.

Incentivizing Participation and Consistency:

Understanding the Binance Crypto Word Scoring System not only enhances your gameplay but also shapes your strategy. Players are encouraged not only to decode words accurately but also to participate consistently. The combination of word length, streaks, and bonus rewards creates a dynamic and engaging experience, ensuring that each decoded word contributes significantly to your overall success in the WODL game. Happy decoding!

Tips and Tricks for Success

Embarking on your Binance Crypto Word of the Day (WODL) journey?

Elevate your gameplay by adopting advanced strategies and decoding tactics. Here's a comprehensive guide to transcend novice gameplay and become a master decoder, unlocking words with precision and speed.

1. Start with High-Frequency Letters:

  • Begin your decoding journey by focusing on common letters like E, T, A, O, I, N, and S. These high-frequency letters often appear in various words and serve as excellent starting points for unraveling the puzzle.

2. Shortlist Likely Words While Decoding:

  • Don't merely react to the puzzle; actively build a mental shortlist of 3-5 potential words as you uncover letter clues. This proactive approach enables you to rapidly iterate through combinations and increase your chances of success.

3. Apply Known Crypto Root Words:

  • Consider the puzzle theme. Is it related to transactions, exchanges, or decentralization? Combine known crypto word roots and prefixes like "crypto," "block," "chain," and "coin" with other phonemes to decipher the hidden words with ease.

4. Analyze Letter Frequency Heatmaps:

  • Study letter distribution analysis to intuitively recognize high-probability starting points. Develop a mental map of letter frequency heatmaps to shortcut early decision-making and enhance your efficiency in decoding words.

5. Pinpoint High-Value Crypto Themes:

  • Categorize themes like DeFi, NFTs, and Altcoins based on likely word lengths and letter combinations. By aligning your guesses with prevalent crypto themes, you can rapidly contextualize and unveil hidden words.

5. Pinpoint High-Value Crypto Themes:

  • Categorize themes like DeFi, NFTs, and Altcoins based on likely word lengths and letter combinations. By aligning your guesses with prevalent crypto themes, you can rapidly contextualize and unveil hidden words.

6. Flip Letters and Work Backwards:

  • If you encounter a puzzling letter, temporarily flip it and deduce the remaining word. Experiment with different letter combinations, replaying backward until you find a fit. This strategy can be particularly useful when you're stuck on a challenging portion of the puzzle.

7. Analyze Past WODL Terms for Strategies:

  • Dive into an archive of previously used terms and note any patterns or strategies that could inform your future word choices. Uncover letter frequency patterns or common prefixes/suffixes, gaining valuable insights to enhance your guessing prowess.

8. Stay Informed on Crypto Trends:

  • As the themes in the Binance WODL often align with current crypto trends, staying informed on the latest industry developments can provide you with an edge. Keep an eye on emerging terms and concepts to sharpen your decoding skills.

9. Optimize Your Speed-Run Mindset:

  • Transcend novice gameplay by adopting a speed-run mindset. Aim to decode words in under 60 seconds, utilizing the aforementioned tactics to streamline your approach and maximize your efficiency.

10. Continuous Improvement through Practice:

  • The more you engage with the Binance WODL, the more refined your decoding skills become. Practice consistently, learn from each puzzle, and adapt your strategies based on your experiences for continuous improvement.

By incorporating these advanced tips and decoding strategies into your Binance Word of the Day routine, you'll not only unravel words with precision but also enhance your overall gaming experience. Happy decoding!

Binance Reward Hub

The Binance Reward Hub serves as a centralized portal, offering users an array of opportunities to earn points and indulge in a variety of rewards. This dynamic hub features an ever-expanding list of engaging campaigns, surveys, games, promotions, events, and more, each contributing to the accumulation of valuable Binance points.

Activities That Earn Binance Points

Word of the Day and More:

  • Participate in recurring games like Word of the Day and Lucky Draw.
  • Engage in crypto-related surveys and quizzes to test and expand your knowledge.
  • Refer friends and family to Binance and reap the benefits.
  • Join new token sale events for exclusive opportunities.

Watch, Read, and Explore:

  • Tune into live streams or explore informative reports.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends in the crypto space.

Binance Points: Your Unique Reward Currency

As you dive into various activities within the Reward Hub, you'll accumulate Binance Points. These points serve as a unique and versatile reward currency, unlocking a world of possibilities in the Prize Redemption catalog.

Prize Redemption Catalog: Your Gateway to Rewards

In the Reward Hub's Prize Redemption catalog, users can exchange their hard-earned points for a diverse range of rewards. Here's a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Binance Discount Vouchers:

    • Unlock reduced trading fees, crypto loans, and exclusive cashback offers.

  • Lucky Draw Attempts:

    • Dive into exciting prize pools filled with tokens and more.

  • Donations to Charitable Causes:

    • Make a positive impact by contributing to various charitable initiatives.

  • Top Brand Gift Cards:

    • Indulge in shopping sprees with gift cards from renowned brands like Amazon, Nike, Uber, iTunes, and more.

Tailored Rewards for Every User

The Binance Reward Hub aims to cater to the diverse interests and goals of its users. Whether you're a casual participant enjoying simple games and gift cards or a seasoned trader eyeing VIP account vouchers, the Reward Hub ensures there's something for everyone.

Streak System: Elevating Your Rewards Game

Binance introduces a streak system within the Reward Hub to further enhance your experience. By consistently participating for consecutive days, you unlock greater rewards. Successfully decoding words for seven days straight, for example, triggers even more substantial prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to your crypto journey.

In essence, the Binance Reward Hub provides a captivating and rewarding journey for users to engage with the platform. It's more than just a collection of tasks; it's a fun and interactive way to earn valuable incentives while immersing yourself in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. Explore, participate, and let the rewards roll in!

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Featured Solver Resources

Enhance your gameplay with external DIY (Do-it-yourself) solver resources:

  1. iToolVerse WODL Solver

Explore the solver iToolVerse Solver


How to solve using iToolVerse Binance Crypto WODL Solver?

Let's say my first try is with 6 letter WODL word (image below)

Wodl Word

I can now enter the letters in the exact positions as marked in green and enter the letters marked in yellow on my WODL here.

The solution looks something like in the image below:

Wodl Word

Explore the iToolVerse Binance Crypto WODL Solver Tool Below:

  1. Diving into Miguel Fernandes' WODL Solver

Miguel Fernandes Avatar

Miguel Fernandes(Integrated MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico | 2018 - 2023)

How to solve using Miguel Fernandes Binance Crypto WODL Solver?

Let's say my first try is with 6 letter WODL word (image below)


I can now use the placed letters, valid letters and bad letters from my first try and run it on the Miguel Fernandes' WODL Solver tool.

The solution looks something like in the image below:

WODL Detailed ResultsWODL Results

Resource List: Binance Crypto WODL

  1. Official Binance Word of the Day Information:

  1. WODL Solver by Miguel Fernandes:

  1. iToolVerse WODL Answers:

  1. Other Websites with Binance WODL Answers:

  1. Additional Reading on Binance Rewards:

This resource list combines official information, solver tools, and additional websites providing Binance Word of the Day answers. Whether you're looking to decode words, understand the scoring system, or explore diverse answers, these resources offer a comprehensive guide to enhance your Binance WODL experience.

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