Binance CEO Rejects CFTC’s Trading Violation And Manipulation Claims

Trading Violation

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, denies claims of Trading violation and Manipulation by the CFTC. The CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) has recently accused Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, of trading violations and market manipulation. But Zhao denies the charges and upholds the credibility of his business.

CFTC Issued Infringement and Manipulation Allegations Against Binance CEO

The CFTC, the watchdog for futures trading in the United States, has issued accusations against Binance for alleged trading violations and market manipulation. The CFTC claims that Binance broke applicable US law and disregarded established futures trading guidelines.

The CFTC says that Binance, through futures trading conducted on its platform, has manipulated the pricing of many crypto assets traded on the exchange. The CFTC further stated that Binance needed to offer appropriate disclosure regarding the risks and applicable trading conditions, which led to clients not comprehending the dangers involved.

Binance CEO Rejects the Claims on Trading Violations 

Zhao refuted the CFTC’s allegations and insisted that his company had adhered to the regulations governing futures trading. Zhao claims that ethics and transparency have always been a top priority for Binance in all of its business dealings.

CZ countered that while Binance is “trading” in various circumstances, it primarily entails converting its cryptocurrency profits to pay for fiat or other cryptocurrency costs.

“I have two Binance accounts: one for my cryptocurrency holdings and one for the Binance Card. I consume the dog chow we make and keep my cryptocurrency on He continued that I occasionally need to convert cryptocurrency to pay for personal expenses or the card,” he claimed. 

Zhao added that Binance has a stringent monitoring program to ensure that no market manipulation or trading irregularities occur on its platform. He said that Binance always gives its clients adequate warnings about risks and relevant trading conditions.

He continued, “I strictly follow these policies myself. I have never been a part of Binance Launchpad, Earn, Margin, or Futures. I know the best use of my time is to build a solid platform serving our users.”

Given that the company has been collaborating closely with the regulator for more than two years, Zhao described the most recent CFTC submission as “unexpected and unsatisfactory.”

Implications and Impact of CFTC’s Allegation

The accusations made against Binance by the CFTC may have a profound effect on both the business and the crypto market. If Binance is proven to have violated applicable US laws, the company might face hefty penalties from the government.

Additionally, these accusations could damage the cryptocurrency industry’s reputation in the public eye, which has previously been viewed as contentious and prone to market manipulation. Thus, Binance and other cryptocurrency businesses must make sure they abide by the law and uphold their company’s integrity.


The CFTC has accused Binance of trading violations and market manipulation, which are serious allegations that require careful consideration. Even if the Binance CEO rejects the allegations, the company still has to ensure that no market abuse or manipulation is carried out.


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