ChatGPT Gets Internet And Crypto Access, Thanks To This Plugin

ChatGPT gets internet & crypto

ChatGPT, the popular OpenAI chatbot, has announced that it now has access to the internet and cryptocurrencies, thanks to a new plugin that has been added recently. This new development is expected to make ChatGPT even more versatile and valuable, especially for those who rely on the chatbot for various tasks.

The first-party web-browsing plugin from OpenAI, which allows ChatGPT to retrieve information from the web to respond to various requests, is by far the most exciting. Before September 2021, ChatGPT’s information could only be accessed online. The plugin retrieves content from the internet using the Bing search API and presents any websites it visited while creating an answer, citing those URLs in ChatGPT’s responses.

OpenAI stated in a comment that they were striving to create plugins and make them accessible to a larger audience.

The Internet Inclusion Expands ChatGPT’s Range of Services

According to the developers of ChatGPT, the new plugin has been designed to allow the chatbot to access the internet and cryptocurrencies seamlessly. This means that users can now use ChatGPT to access information online, such as news, weather updates, and stock prices.

ChatGPT can also inform users about cryptocurrencies, including prices, market trends, and investment advice.

The addition of internet and cryptocurrency access is a significant development for ChatGPT, as it significantly expands the chatbot’s range of services.

Previously, ChatGPT was limited to assisting with basic tasks, like setting reminders and answering questions. With this new plugin, however, ChatGPT can now compete with other AI assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, which also offer internet and cryptocurrency access.

ChatGPT developers have also emphasized that the new plugin has been designed with user privacy. The plugin does not collect any personal data from users, and all internet and cryptocurrency transactions are conducted securely and anonymously. 

This ensures that users can use ChatGPT with peace of mind, knowing their privacy is protected.

ChatGPT has always been very good at creating, producing, and testing code. OpenAI announced today that ChatGPT now features a little sandpit where you may “create” and test code and disc space. Even files can be uploaded. According to OpenAI, “We offer our models a functioning Python interpreter in a sandboxed, firewalled execution environment.”

The final new feature of ChatGPT, code interpretation, and visualization, fits in well with this. All of this means that you can start using ChatGPT to solve visualization issues, which, curiously enough, also entails converting files between formats.

The Drawbacks of ChatGPT Getting Extended Access

A web-enabled ChatGPT might engage in various unpleasant behaviors, including sending spam and phishing emails, getting over security precautions, and generally “raising the capabilities of evil actors who would swindle, mislead, or abuse others,” according to OpenAI.

The company claims that to prevent this, it has “implemented several safeguards” suggested by internal and external teams. According to OpenAI, it’s notably useful for resolving mathematical problems, performing data analysis and rendering, and converting files between different formats. You can submit files to ChatGPT and obtain the results.

Final Note

The addition of internet and cryptocurrency access to ChatGPT is a significant development that will make the chatbot even more popular and useful. With this new feature, ChatGPT can now offer a wider range of services, including access to information online and information about cryptocurrencies. If you haven’t already tried ChatGPT, now is the perfect time to do so.


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