From Beginners To Pros: 10 Crypto Intraday Trading Strategies To Try

From Beginners To Pros: 10 Crypto Intraday Trading Strategies

Do you want simple cryptocurrency trading strategies that don’t work in today’s unstable market? It’s time to improve your talents using these crypto intraday trading tactics for beginners and pros.

As a result, there is a growing trend of regular people looking to make money on the side through day trading while doing their regular jobs and occupations. Day traders have become more popular than ever because of conventional markets.  Such as stock indices, oil, gold, and others have become more volatile than ever.

The goal is to provide aspiring day traders and newbies to intraday trading with effective tips, tactics, and insights that will give them a competitive advantage and hasten their path to profitability. As digital currencies gain popularity, it’s critical to thoroughly grasp trading strategies that may help you maximize earnings while minimizing risks. 

Ready to dive into the exciting world of trading? Whether you’re a beginner looking to make your mark in the crypto market or a seasoned pro seeking new strategies to add to your arsenal, you’ve come to the right place to learn intraday trading strategies. There are certain intraday strategy trading options tailored for intraday. This blog will go into some of the most successful cryptocurrency intraday trading tactics that will take your trading game to the next level.

Let’s explore those.

How does cryptocurrency trading work?

There are two basic ways to acquire bitcoins. Firstly, it is similar to stock trading in that it entails utilizing a digital wallet to buy cryptocurrencies at market prices. Once you have the currency, you may recoup your investment by selling it at a higher price.

Alternatively, you may trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies. This is akin to trading FX and commodities, in which you trade on price fluctuations. Rather than owning the real thing and can profit whether the price rises or falls. Leverage is a characteristic of bitcoin CFD trading that allows you to access higher-value bets with a smaller amount of capital.

What Is Intraday Trading Strategies?

Intraday also refers to the highs and lows that the asset price reaches throughout the day. Nonetheless, intraday price changes are especially important for short-term or day traders who want to make many trades within a single trading session. These industrious traders will close all of their positions as the market ends.

What Are Intraday Indicators?

Traders use top indicators to plan their advanced intraday trading strategies. These tools are useful for analyzing trends, identifying entry and departure points, and managing risks. Huge factors influence the best indicators for day trading. Moving averages indicate trends and reversals. 

The RSI and stochastic oscillators indicate overbought or oversold circumstances. Bollinger bands reveal volatility and breakout chances. Fibonacci retracements are also quite important. In the competitive crypto trading industry, traders use these indicators to improve decision-making and increase profit opportunities.  

Pros for intraday trading strategies

  • Overnight news or broker movements do not affect positions.
  • Tight stop-loss orders can help protect holdings.
  • Regular traders have access to more leverage.
  • Numerous trades provide more hands-on learning experience.

Cons of intraday trading strategies

  • Frequent trades result in various commission expenses.
  • Mutual funds, for example, are off-limits.
  • Close-out may occur before the trade profit generation.
  • Losses can easily accumulate to finance purchases.

Key Strategies for Intraday Trading Strategies in Crypto

Investing in day crypto trading is making many trades of one or more equities during the day to create a profit. Day traders are more concerned with taking advantage of quick profit opportunities. Intraday trading relies heavily on accurate timing and market awareness. So here we will discuss intraday trading tactics. Beginners can use this approach to start trading.

Here are the top 10 recommendations for intraday crypto trading to maximize profits:

1. Moving Average Crossover Strategy

A moving average crossover happens when two separate moving average lines cross over each other. Furthermore, moving average crossover is a technical instrument that can assist you choose when to enter and exit. Because moving averages are lagging indicators, the crossover strategy may miss exact peaks and bottoms. However, it might help you identify the majority of a trend.

If the moving averages cross over, it may indicate that the trend is going to alter, allowing you to make a better entrance. The crossover system has particular triggers for probable entrance and departure places. Moving average crossovers are useful for determining when a trend is likely to emerge or terminate.

2. Reversal Trading Strategy

Reversal trading is often referred to as pullback trading. This approach is betting on stocks against their price patterns, aiming for a “reversal”.

In the reverse intraday trading method, traders hunt for equities with high and low prices. They have a high possibility of reversing their trend. When the movement of the security reverses, a stop is set, and the traders wait for the securities to reach maximum volatility.  

In trading, a reversal is a shift in the direction of an asset’s price. Day traders and long-term investors utilize the trend reversal trading approach to identify when to enter and quit a market.

Traders trade reversals by monitoring price movements with trendlines and trading channels. They employ technical indicators like moving average (MA) and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) to separate and identify reversals.

3. Momentum Trading Strategy

Momentum trading is a method that relies on the strength of market moves to open trades. Intraday trading strategies are all about identifying moving equities that fluctuate daily. Approximately 25-35% of stocks exhibit swings. This variation transforms as momentum. 

Stock scanners are used to locate such stocks. This process continues until a large number of sellers enter the market. For example, when an unexpected incident forces them to reconsider the asset’s price. Once there are enough sellers in the market, the momentum shifts and forces an asset’s price to lower. 

These equities tend to rise above the Moving Average in large volumes with little opposition. The momentum trading method seeks to identify equities that move in a single direction with strong volume. A trader can hold equities for minutes, days, or hours, depending on their pace of movement. 

Nevertheless, the momentum approach performs well during early trading hours or when volume is strong. The momentum trading method has a profit-loss ratio of 2:1. If you are vigilant during the opening trading hours, you may make a lot of money with this crypto trading strategy.

4. Gap-and-Go Trading Strategy

A gap-up occurs when the price of a stock starts higher than the prior closing. Alternatively, a gap down indicates that the stock’s price will begin lower than the previous close. This intraday trading method concentrates on gappers. Gaps are areas on a stock chart when there is no executed transaction.

These points are known as gapers. A variety of events, such as a news hike, an earnings release, or a trader’s modified trading approach, can cause these gaps. The gap-and-go method occurs when a stock rises from the previous day’s close price. 

If you want to execute gap trading successfully, the most frequent technique is to utilize a pre-market scanner to hunt for stocks with volume in the premarket. Every morning, a slew of gapping stocks hit the pre-market scanners.

5. Bull Flag Trading Strategy

The bull flag pattern is a chart pattern that allows the upswing to continue. Before breaking out and continuing the upswing, price action consolidates between two parallel trend lines running in the opposite direction.

As the name implies, a bull flag is a bullish pattern, as opposed to a bear flag, which occurs in the middle of a decline. When a strong price movement occurs in one direction, it forms a flagpole. Likewise, the resistance line breaks, a new trend begins, and the stocks advance.

The bull flags are first ferocious. This is due to the breakout, which leads the bear to get blindsided. Nevertheless, the bull flag symbolizes a strong price increase in a direction and then there is a retreat in such a way that there is a parallel high and low pattern. The bull flag takes a long time to create, as do the top and lower lines.

6. Pullback Trading Strategy

A pullback occurs when a long-term trending reversal. The pullback approach protects the trader from losses while following the trend. Become investors in crypto trading by using the pullback trading strategy to trade powerful equities with high relative volume.

A favorable time to purchase a pullback is shortly after the breakout. Pullbacks often last a few trading sessions, but a reversal indicates a full change in market opinion.

7. Breakout Trading Strategy

A breakout market technique involves a trader entering the market when the price breaks through its barrier and support. Traders employ the technical indicator volume to hunt for such patterns in the market. Breakouts need rapid entrances and exits. It does not entail waiting.

Breakouts are powerful trading indications that precede impulsive market swings. It happens when the price unexpectedly breaks out of a previously established range. Hence, its name is BREAKOUT.

Traders first determine the breakout price level and then wait for it. This is a hazardous trading strategy because after the breakout stops, there is nothing left to purchase.

8. Pivot Point Strategy

A pivot point method is useful in crucial support and resistance situations. This method is effective in the FX market. Range-bound traders can utilize it as an entry method, while breakout traders can comprehend breakout levels. 

A pivot point is a level when the market’s mood shifts from bullish to pessimistic. The reverse is also true. If the price advances past the initial support or resistance level, the market expects it to move to the next level.

As a result, pivot points are valuable instruments that many professionals utilize to predict where the price will go next. They are also utilized to determine take-profit and stop-loss. Pivot points are useful tools for identifying possible support and resistance levels.  

9. CFD Strategy

Intraday trading is frantic, and making a profit demands a great deal of understanding. However, products like CFD are trader-friendly and simple to use. The CFD represents the difference between a trade’s entry and exit positions.

CFD stands for contracts for difference, which is a derivative instrument that allows you to speculate on a variety of global markets. And, it includes currencies, commodities, indexes, and stocks, without having to own the underlying asset. CFDs means you may enter a trade by making a modest deposit, known as a margin.

Therefore, while leverage can magnify gains, it can also amplify losses, even losses that surpass deposits for individual positions. You determine your profit and loss based on the total amount of your position. Trading CFDs can be risky, but by investing time to grow your expertise, you might give yourself a substantial edge.

10. Scalping Strategy

Scalping is a popular method in the Forex market. This method focuses on modest price movements. You must be precise with your timing because the transaction length is short. It is a risk-taking tactic.

Scalping is a trading technique that involves making small profits when minor price fluctuations occur until you can achieve large profits when profitable moments arise.

The method tries to avoid hazardous enterprises in favor of minor ones that will yield more in the long run. Thus, this method is not a one-time great triumph, but rather an effective application of the snowball effect.

What are the risks associated with cryptocurrency intraday trading strategies?

Intraday trading involves various hazards that traders should be aware of. Following crypto intraday trading methods does not remove risks. Rather, it increases the possibility of profit if done correctly. 

While these tactics aim to maximize the chance of winning transactions, the cryptocurrency market is inherently volatile and unpredictable. A trading technique cannot guarantee continuous earnings or eliminate all associated risks.

Some of the trading risks are:

  • Market Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are well-known for their price volatility, which may result in quick and severe price movements over short periods. Sudden market swings can provide both gains and losses.
  • Technical Issues: Crypto exchanges and trading systems may encounter outages or delays in performing deals. These difficulties can affect your ability to enter or exit positions at the right price.
  • Liquidity Risk: Some cryptocurrencies may have limited trading volumes or liquidity, making it difficult to join or leave holdings without affecting market prices.
  • Emotional Decision-Making: Intraday trading strategies necessitates quick decisions in a fast-paced atmosphere. Emotional decision-making, whether motivated by fear or greed, can lead to rash trading and bad judgment.
  • Inaccurate Analysis: Even with careful analysis, there is always the danger of making inaccurate conclusions or predictions. The market may perform differently than expected, causing losses.

To control these risks, it is critical to use adequate risk management approaches. This intraday trading strategies includes utilizing stop-loss orders to minimize possible losses, diversifying your portfolio, adopting proper position size, and staying current on essential news and market information.


Coinfantasy recognizes that experimenting with intraday trading methods can be scary, especially for beginners. But do not be afraid! This blog provides you with the information and skills needed to navigate the cryptocurrency market like a pro. Whether you’re new to trading or have been doing it for a long, there’s something here for everyone.

Finally, if you want to generate rapid gains through intraday trading, particularly in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, examine these best intraday crypto tactics. Now, equipped with these tactics, you may confidently tackle the cryptocurrency market. Keep in mind that, while these tactics might result in rapid profits, they also carry some risk, so always trade sensibly and with a well-thought-out plan. Start your cryptocurrency gaming experience with Coinfantasy.

Happy trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does intraday trading work?

Intraday trading, often known as day trading, includes buying and selling equities on the same trading day. When share prices change throughout the day, intraday traders aim to profit from the price swings by buying and selling shares on the same day.

2. Is Intraday suitable for beginners?

In the beginning, one cannot just get up and start purchasing or selling stocks and hoping for gains. Before joining the market, one should familiarize themselves with it thoroughly. On the other hand, newbies need to know that in intraday trading, you cannot keep the position overnight and close the position the same day itself.

3. What are the risks of intraday trading?

The biggest danger of intraday trading is losing a substantial sum of money. Prices vary, therefore day trading carries a high amount of risk. It might be tough to make a long-term profit, especially for novice or unskilled traders.

4. How do I do intraday trading?

To begin intraday trading, choose the top intraday stocks. Intraday trading has a larger risk than ordinary trading. Market volatility, such as unanticipated price movements, can result in losses for investors. As a result, one must consider volatility, pick highly liquid equities, and trade volumes, among other factors.

5. What are some recommendations for intraday trading?

  • Choose Liquid Shares
  • Use Stop Loss for Lower Impact.
  • Avoid volatile stocks and instead choose correlated stocks.
  • Choose transparency.
  • Be wary of news-sensitive stocks.


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