Top Blockchain Games And Companies For Play-To-Earn In 2023

Top Blockchain Games

Infrastructure development on the blockchain is a rapidly growing phenomenon. The growth is essentially thanks to the introduction of blockchain games. Developing games on the blockchain was to the end that cryptocurrency adoption improves. Mission accomplished. 

However, blockchain has also reinvented the gaming industry in an exciting twist. Now, there are over 400 blockchain games online. Millions of people worldwide are playing one crypto game or the other. Truthfully, most players are in the industry because of the financial reward. Many of these players already have top blockchain players to earn games they stick to. 

But if you’re new to the scene, it can be challenging to settle down with a game. But on the other hand, the different games offer incredible rewards and gameplay experiences. Fortunately, you don’t have to play all the games before focusing on one. 

Through this article, we’ll provide you with the info you need to pick the best blockchain games in 2023. Furthermore, we create a summarized list of games that are definitely worth your time.

What are Blockchain Games?

Any game using cryptographic blockchain technology is called a blockchain game in any part of its process. However, the usage of blockchain may be a simple function executed by blockchain, or the whole game is built on the technology. Top blockchain gaming companies build entirely on the blockchain. 

Blockchain games exhibit the various attributes of cryptocurrencies. For example, they are immutable, decentralized, secure, and unique. 

The characteristic uniqueness is why blockchain games are also called NFT games. Hence, players can own and transfer these entities or trade them to make money

However, players don’t just get valuable in-game assets because they download the games. You have to play to earn these assets. 

How to make money with Blockchain Games?

The best blockchain games to earn money from optimizing players’ asset control. Crypto games afford players ownership, going against the modus operandi of traditional gaming. For example, only the developers own the in-game utilities and items in traditional games. However, in blockchain – NFT – games, players can earn and own these assets through participation. 

Also, because the games are on blockchains, there’s next to no risk of losing your assets. Unlike traditional games, you can lose in-game collectibles (which you can’t own outside the game) if the server goes down. 

It’s almost impossible for established top-earning blockchain games to go down because the servers are decentralized. The server computers are called nodes on a blockchain network and are globally distributed. Hence, even if one node goes down, any lost information replicates on other servers remaining on the network. 

The distributed nature of blockchain comes with advantages that translate to positives for blockchain games. Hence, crypto games enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Interoperability: Players can use an in-game asset in another game on the network. 
  • Control: Since players get ownership of utilities, they have complete control over their accounts and assets
  • Profit: Players own in-game assets, which they can subsequently sell on any compatible platform from the list of trusted exchanges. 
  • Governance: Players can buy and stake a game’s token to get governance rights. Such a player gets to be a part of community-based platform-wide decision-making. 

Summarily, both android and iOS-based blockchain games work by allowing participation from players. During participation, players earn assets and in-game tokens. Then, they make money by selling those tokens on exchange platforms like Binance, Coinbase, etc.  

The best Blockchains for Games

Blockchains are divided into four categories, each of which has birthed several platforms. However, not all these blockchains can handle gaming. Furthermore, the blockchain on which a game is built influences its success. Hence, the need to examine the best blockchain for games. Only the best blockchains can deliver top profitable games. 


Ethereum was founded in 2013. In years following its establishment, it gained a reputation for being the closest alternative to bitcoin. However, the blockchain has found a use case in gaming in recent years. Now, Ethereum premises the larger count of the world’s best blockchain games list

For gaming, Ethereum offers a more matured and developed ecosystem. Also, because several games are built on it, it enhances interoperability. 


Despite being a new kid on the block, Solana has become a force to reckon with. Touting itself as a platform to build crypto apps that scale, the startup has secured partnerships with crypto gaming companies to improve gameplay and experience. Speed is the main focus of the Solana blockchain, which is a highly invaluable asset to gaming.


The Polkadot blockchain is designed to offer a highly-optimized platform for games (crypto apps in general). Beyond tokens, Polkadot’s protocol also facilitates arbitrary data transfer. Thanks to this, high-quality gaming applications with improved functionalities can be built.

Factors to consider while choosing the best NFT Games

If you choose right, you can grow your participation in the top blockchain mobile games into a multi-thousand-dollar business. Numerous players are making a living from playing crypto games. You too, can. But, consider these before investing money or free time in a crypto game

What blockchain is the game on? 

Considering the underlying blockchain of a game is vital. The goal is to game on a platform with extensive benefits of participation. Choosing a crypto game built on any of the three platforms above is recommended. 

What are your goals? 

Gaming rewards come in different forms. Also, different games offer varying rewards. Hence, it would be best if you decided which reward you want. For example, some games give coins, others give NFTs, and many provide both. 

How easy is cash out? 

Cashing out fiat currency is the sole incentive of blockchain games. Top new blockchain games make it easy to cash out – ensuring compatibility with popular exchanges. Hence, before investing time and money in a game, find out how the redemption process goes. Know everything you need to get your cash before you start playing. 

Top Blockchain Companies to know

There are numerous games out there. Playing any of the following games will be worth the time. 


CoinFantasy is the world’s first decentralized fantasy gaming platform for crypto-stock markets based on the play-to-earn model. The game offers a lossless gaming ecosystem, where players only win. Players are at no risk of losing the money they invest in the game. CoinFantasy is one of the best blockchain card games worldwide. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular crypto games. To play the game, you have to buy three Axies, which can be somewhat costly. You farm the Axies and go into battle for you while also building and hunting for treasure. The in-game assets you earn translate to money on exchanges like Binance. Axie Infinity is built on the Ethereum blockchain. 


Decentraland is another Ethereum-based crypto game. It’s a metaverse game owned by users and governed by a DAO. In decentral and, players buy lands where they can create. Property ownership also gives experience access and other monetization processes. 

Other blockchain games worthy of mention are; Splinterlands, ember sword, the Sandbox, Sorare, Cryptokitties, etc.  


In our smartphone-dominant world, top blockchain mobile games create wealth on the fly. With little investment, you can be a part of the economy. The industry is still young; hence, you can still profit from playing a crypto game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most popular blockchain game?

The most popular crypto games are heavily premised on the NFT economy. Thanks to NFTs, players can quickly transfer value for cash. Hence, the most popular blockchain games are CoinFantasy, Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity, Sorare, etc. You don’t have to play all these games before turning a profit. Choose one. 

2. What is the best gaming crypto? 

The best gaming crypto token always comes from the best games. A token is only as valuable as the gaming utility it supports. Hence, you have to find the best blockchain games to earn to find the best gaming crypto. Your search should begin with Decentraland and the LAND crypto.

3. Can you make money with blockchain games? 

Yes, you can make money with blockchain games. Different games offer varying rewards. However, essentially, these rewards have corresponding fiat currency valuations. Hence, earn as many rewards as possible, then convert them to money. You can sell in-game assets on platforms like Binance, Pancake swap, Uniswap, etc.

4. What is blockchain gaming? 

Blockchain gaming involves playing crypto games. Crypto games are built on the blockchain and run on the play-to-earn model. In these games, players can either earn in-game assets or tokens, selling on exchange platforms. Some blockchain games are free, while you need to buy into others.

5. What is the most popular blockchain game? 

Different blockchain games offer varying gameplay experiences. Furthermore, these have different focuses. Hence, it’s best only to determine the best based on categories. Examples of categories are; crypto fantasy, crypto esports, etc. The best crypto fantasy sports game is CoinFantasy. Axie Infinity is the best mobile crypto game.


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