LunarCrush Is Hosting A Bitcoin Treasure Hunt On The Moon

Bitcoin treasure hunt

A Bitcoin treasure hunt contest will be held on the Moon, according to the cryptocurrency data company LunarCrush. Participants in this competition will have the chance to look for Bitcoin hidden on the Moon’s surface.

In a formal statement, LunarCrush claimed that they had concealed 62 BTCs on the lunar surface in an undisclosed place. Participants are instructed to find the location utilizing cryptographic data and company-provided analysis.

“We hope this contest will help raise awareness about the potential use of crypto technology to explore outer space,” said LunarCrush’s CEO.

What is the Motto Behind Hosting An Ultimate Bitcoin Treasure Hunt?

Lunar Outpost created the Mobile Autonomous Prospecting Platform, also known as MAPP Moon Rover. LunarCrush, a website that provides spot information on the cryptocurrency market, revealed Monday that it was etching the passcode to a cryptocurrency wallet on MAPP Lunar Rover. The “first debuted commercial lunar resource prospector” is how this rover is billed. 

The first 4G communications system in orbit will be built as part of the $14.1 million Tipping Point mission, which Nokia was offered in 2020. Later this year, the Nova-C lander from Intuitive Machines is expected to release the rover near the lunar south pole. LunarCrush will take part in the second of two scheduled IM-1 and IM-2 landings of the Nova-C spacecraft in 2023.

The primary objective of the IM-2 mission is to evaluate how effectively wireless data connections function on the south pole of the Moon, except by introducing encryption to any stray aliens. The rover will stay stranded for anyone who comes upon it after its mission is finished. This is before NASA prepares to send its own rover to the South Pole of the Moon the following year.

The Bitcoin Treasure Contest for this month is being held in honor of LunarCrush’s fourth birthday. The business is renowned for giving its clients reliable, convenient access to crypto analytic data.

Participants in this contest must locate a certain spot on the Moon’s surface using data on the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To locate those places, they must apply their analytical and problem-solving abilities.

The event will run from April 1 through April 30 for an entire month. The winner of the 0.1 BTC award and the discovery of the location will be revealed after the competition.

The Bitcoin Treasure Moon Challenge illustrates how cryptography might be applied to more varied endeavors, like space exploration. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology have recently been employed in several space exploration initiatives, including expeditions to Mars.

Going In Search of 62 Bitcoins

Finding the 62 Bitcoins will resemble a treasure hunt, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for treasure seekers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to have something in common.

June will see the launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the rover and its cryptocurrency haul.

According to, MAPP will be sent to the Moon and installed close to the south pole so that Nokia’s wireless network may be tested for two weeks. After its job is through, the rover will be sent to any curious extraterrestrial crypto hunters.

Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Focuses on Broadening the Horizon 

The wallet is open, so anyone can contribute money to it, but this raises the stakes for everyone. The first person to successfully land on the Moon and discover the key in a simulated treasure hunt will be entitled to Bitcoins. This is done to encourage people to broaden their horizons and learn new things.

Along with other companies, including the animation studio Golden Wolf and the provider of Bitcoin developer tools Hiro, LunarCrush created an NFT collection to gather money for the project.

The entire process of etching the private key that will be attached to the rover will be recorded by the team to guarantee that there is no obscurity in any step of the operation. Anybody on Earth who can come up with and carry out a plan to visit the Moon’s surface will be eligible for the reward after Lunar Outpost’s MAPP Rover has arrived on the Moon.

Final Note!

The LunarCrush Bitcoin Treasure Hunt is a unique event that offers participants the chance to win one Bitcoin, as well as a free subscription to LunarCrush’s platform for one year. Whether you are an experienced cryptocurrency enthusiast or a beginner, this event is open to everyone and offers an exciting opportunity to test your knowledge and skills. So, mark your calendars for April 9th, 2023, and get ready to join the LunarCrush BTC Treasure Hunt on the Moon.


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