Top 10 Play-To-Earn Crypto Games That Will Explode In 2024!


Crypto games have become an interesting way to earn money while having fun in the fast-paced world of digital finance. Players can win rewards in some cryptocurrency games and have an enjoyable gaming experience at the same time. As a result of their “play to earn” concept, these games are revolutionizing the gaming industry.

The idea of real money crypto gaming is not just a pipe dream, it is a reality. These play to earn games offer a platform wherein virtual accomplishments can be exchanged for actual benefits. As a result, gamers seeking cryptocurrency games to profit from have a wide range of alternatives.

We will showcase the top cryptocurrency games to play and provide information on how they work as well as any possible cash gains.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: The Growth

Players earn cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in play-to-earn games, instead of only earning in-game achievements and rewards in standard video games.

In digital currencies, play-to-earn games encourage users to engage with the network and contribute to its success through decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. The gaming industry then adopted this idea, giving rise to a brand-new category of games that offered both monetary benefits and entertainment value. 

Top 10 Play to Earn Games in 2024

There are several play-to-earn cryptocurrency games on the market, each with a different gameplay and earning potential. Now let’s examine some of the best play-to-earn games that have grown in popularity among players in more detail:

Let’s get started.

1. Coinfantasy

Coinfantasy is the best play to earn crypto game that combines the serious world of investing with lighthearted entertainment and games that earn cryptocurrencies. It enables users to compete with other users in staking games for actual cryptocurrency wins.

By strategically allocating their portfolios to outmaneuver their rivals, players can get to the top of the standings. The size of the reward pool, the number of participants permitted, and the credits needed to enter each game pool are all chosen by the players. 

Key features

  • Introducing Coinfantasy, a play-to-earn game that integrates play-to-yield mechanics, empowering a profitable fusion of investment in cryptocurrencies.
  • Before being distributed to winners, pool money is stored on smart contracts.
  • Charts to assist you in selecting which coins to buy during the game.
  • Invest to play games that earn cryptocurrencies against a person or a group.
  • Point systems, entry fees, game lengths, and other details are customizable which is decided by the community.  


  • There is no financing risk for users.
  • Get a cost-free gaming experience.
  • User-friendly cryptocurrency gaming platform that supports players of all skill levels.
  • Enjoy yourself while earning with no investment.
  • Simple to understand and execute.

Things to consider

  • “Pay-to-win” becomes common in pro games where rewards directly depend on monetary investment.

2. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a turn-based role-playing game where players hunt, breed, and combat adorable animals called Axies, each of which has special skills and talents. NFTs, which are available for ownership, trading, and combat, stand in for axies. 

The game features a sophisticated economy in which players acquire SLP tokens through gameplay, which they can then exchange for real money. SLP can be used to purchase in-game upgrades and stuff, as well as to breed new Axies. 

Key elements

  • Produce one-of-a-kind Axies with different traits to increase their market worth.
  • Gain SLP tokens by engaging in a variety of activities within the game, such as breeding, playing, and contributing to its economy.


  • A stable economy showing signs of expansion.
  • A thriving neighborhood.
  • Players who receive an Axie Infinity scholarship receive free Axies in addition to a share of the prizes they win from playing. 

Things to consider

  • Mobile devices cannot access Homeland mode. 
  • To earn cryptocurrency and generate a sizable passive income, one must be consistent and put in a significant amount of work.

3. Decentraland 

Decentraland is a virtual environment where users can purchase land, go on adventures, and make their own stories. By taking part in different activities, such as finishing missions, leasing out land, or selling virtual items, players can gain MANA tokens. MANA can be used to purchase upgrades and in-game goods.

Key Features

  • Go on journeys across Decentraland, a virtual environment that is always growing.
  • Acquire and cultivate virtual land to increase your power in the metaverse.
  • You can make money off of your work by renting out your land to other players or selling virtual items.


  • Game interaction.
  • Earning opportunities abound in Decentraland.
  • Gamers can avoid shelling out a lot of money for a plot of property by using the mortgage option.
  • Receive royalties for NFTs you make within the game.

Things to consider

  • No difference in the topography of the land.
  • No proper communication.
  • Operating virtual environments and games is not simple.

4. The Sandbox

Playing Sandbox Metaverse is probably the next generation fastest revolution since it can be done through a web browser without requiring any downloads.

Customers and users can own land, create terrain, explore other people’s creations, host events, engage in 3D or immersive experiences, create experiences and avatars, trade land and NFT projects, including game assets, and play games to win in-game tokens or cryptocurrency in the Metaverse.

Using crypto money can be earned by playing games, visiting other people’s experiences, and participating in events where rewards are given away. You can win cryptocurrency by participating in games and activities on the events page.

Key Features

  • Make use of voxel-based tools to create creative, immersive 3D experiences.
  • Participate in different activities to earn SAND tokens, which will help the in-game economy flourish.
  • Interact with other users, work together on projects, and distribute your works around the Sandbox metaverse.

Things to consider

  • Many methods to profit from the game using bitcoins.
  • Gameplay can feel repetitive over time.

5. Illuvium

Based on the blockchain, Illuvium Metaverse already offers an immersive game where players may compete and win prizes that can be exchanged for actual cryptocurrency. As a player must traverse the perilous metaverse and confront perilous creators who pose a threat to their survival. Gamers have the option to compete in battle tournaments as teams or as individuals. Earning cryptocurrency in this game sounds like a lot of fun.

Key Features

  • Create a unique look for your character, choose a drone, and venture forth to discover different areas of the metaverse.
  • Platform governance by DAO.
  • Collectors’ leaderboards.
  • They give extra ILV tokens (Illuvium Beyond) to the top 100 collectors.
  • As a beta tester for Illuvium Arena, assist in developing the arena.


  • NFTs of various kinds can be exchanged and won.
  • Enjoyable role-playing games that are captivating and immersive.
  • As a supplementary method of making cryptocurrency from players, it also facilitates token staking.

Things to consider

  • Pricey land lots were required for the game.
  • Participation in the Arena requires registration for beta testing, some of which are private.

6. Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is one of the best real-time, epic-style fighting games, created by Unreal Engine, pays players for completing missions and winning competitions. It  is a virtual game in a fiery multi-realm setting. 

To obtain the Battle of Guardians’ Share (BGS), the game’s in-game money and governance token, players must fight as one of the characters in the gameplay. There are several ways to monetize The Battle of Guardians. Another option is to rent out characters to other players in exchange for a portion of the money they make while playing.

Key features

  • Multiplayer combat in real-time.
  • The game offers a variety of exciting playing styles.
  • NFT character trading marketplace
  • Interesting genre of fighting games.
  • Available on Mac and PCs.
  • Chance to play for free.


  • Vibrant gaming scenes.
  • NFT rental permit, giving players a way to earn money.
  • Players can create new and more complex NFTs because they can do NFT synthesis. 

Things to consider

  • The gameplay differs from the first game.
  • Need more space for gameplay expansion to the players.
  • The future development roadmap outline is missing. 

7. My Neighbours Alice

An entertaining best play to earn cryptocurrency while playing is My Neighbor Alice. With a relaxed style, the game lets users own land, engage in farming chores, and communicate with one another. The interactive mobile game studio Antler Interactive is the creator of this farming-themed game. Playing My Neighbor Alice usually entails land ownership and other farm-related tasks. 

Players utilize the ALICE token to buy items in the game’s marketplace to obtain the resources they require. You can exchange in-game items and avatar NFTs for cash as well. Depending on the kind of asset you are selling, profit margins will vary. It also relies on how accessible it is and how beneficial other players find it to be.

Key features

  • Interactive multiplayer video games.
  • The Chromia blockchain powers the operations of my neighbor Alice.
  • Provides both simulation and massively multiplayer gaming.
  • It is suitable with Mac and PC operating systems.
  • Free-to-play modes are available.


  • Easygoing time to play cryptocurrency games.
  • There is an NFT marketplace in the game that lets users make money.

Things to consider

8. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an adventure clicker NFT game set in the metaverse around 2055. In this peer-to-peer game, you play as a space explorer who may acquire, trade, and utilize unique digital objects. NFTs may be used to purchase in-game products such as TLM mining, combat participation, and mission completion.

Using Alien Worlds, you’ll compete and collaborate with other players to earn Trilium (TLM), which you may then use to boost your strength. New players will be given an avatar, a basic shovel, and a skill tree.  

You can buy TLM on cryptocurrency exchanges including Kraken, Binance, KuCoin,, and WazirX. Alien Worlds may be a good source of passive income if you invest in the game by purchasing land on any of the alien worlds. If you own land, you can earn passive revenue through planet taxes.

Key Features

  • Explore several worlds, each with a distinct scenery and resources.
  • Mine for Trillium (TLM) tokens, the game’s main currency.
  • Earn TLM tokens via mining, fulfilling assignments, and taking part in combat.
  • Upgrade your equipment and grow your alien army.
  • Trade TLM tokens for real-world dollars, new products, and improvements.


  • No financial barrier to entry.
  • Basics are simple to understand.
  • A lot of new features are coming out.

Things to consider

  • Mandatory time-outs for mining tasks.

9. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is one of the best play to earn crypto games, since it allows users to acquire cards in the form of NFTs. It utilizes Web3.0 technology to allow users to own their cards and in-game assets, as well as trade, combat, and receive prizes.

Splinterlands is reminiscent of Pokemon cards and World of Warcraft characters. Players can conquer a globe or solve conquests by battling creatures. Splinterlands initially gives players a restricted amount of cards, which they collect as they win rounds.

Playing Splinterlands involves winning fights, exchanging cards, and interacting with other players to obtain Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). Splitterlands is one of the best games for earning cryptocurrency, as it allows users to acquire cards in the form of NFTs as rewards. It utilizes Web3.0 technology to allow users to own their cards and in-game assets, as well as trade, combat, and receive prizes.

Key Features

  • Players earn DEC by competing in battles and tournaments, with performance-based incentives.
  • Splinter land cards can be bought, sold, and traded on external marketplaces as NFTs.
  • Players can earn additional earnings by enrolling in the game’s regular tournaments.
  • Splinterlands accepts DEC coins.


  • It’s simple to play and control in-game objects.
  • Develop a feeling of community.
  • Encourages social interaction among participants.
  • Engaging gameplay with a futuristic twist.
  • Free to play while removing entrance obstacles.

Things to consider

  • Gameplay may be challenging for beginners.
  • The value of NFTs may be variable, depending on market movements.

10. Crypto Kitties

CryptoKitties is the reason NFTs became well-known in 2017. The cat-based collecting and breeding game on the Ethereum network has gained popularity as a blue-chip collection. Leaving its profile aside, the game revolves around obtaining a cat NFT and breeding it with others to build a collection and get prizes. They may even trade and acquire cat NFTs, which improve the game flow.

The company has also established KittyVerse, a collection of cat-themed games that CryptoKitties holders may enjoy. While the game’s principles are simple, they have created a high-value secondary market for these NFT artifacts.

Key Features

  • CryptoKitties are individual digital assets, each with its own set of qualities and traits.
  • The marketplace allows players to buy, sell, and exchange CryptoKitties.
  • CryptoKitties’ value is impacted by their scarcity, resulting in a market for desirable characteristics.
  • CryptoKitties accepts Ether (ETH).


  • Simple to learn and play, ideal for newcomers to crypto gaming.
  • Fun and engaging way to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Rare kittens might have a high selling value, providing an opportunity for profit.
  • Regular updates and events keep the game interesting for gamers.

Things to consider

  • Buying, trading, and breeding cats can be expensive due to transaction costs.
A 2022 analysis from Global News Reports values the crypto playing games market at USD 3292.73 million. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.93% to reach $8,856.95 million by 2028.

The Best Play to Earn Games’ Features for Making Money

  1. NFT gaming platforms & Digital Property Rights

NFT games provide players with actual digital ownership of their in-game assets, they greatly alter the gaming business. Coinfantasy gives gamers the chance to completely invest in their virtual assets, enhancing and customizing their gameplay experiences.

  1. Openness in the Interest of Security

Blockchain technology is used by NFTs to provide increased ownership and transaction history transparency. Because every transfer or transaction involving NFTs is documented on the blockchain, parties can feel more secure and confident in the immutable and transparent record it creates. 

  1. Play-to-earn  (P2E) Mechanics 

NFT games have brought in an interesting P2E crypto game that lets users earn real money. This is a novel idea that can help players in underdeveloped nations or those without access to typical employment options. 

For their actions in these games, participants are rewarded with priceless NFT goods or cryptocurrency. This play games to earn money helps close the gap between virtual and actual opportunities, while also enabling financial empowerment.

  1. Limited & Exclusive

Most of the players who enjoy investing in or collecting these unique virtual assets make them desirable and sought after. Play to earn and NFT games are made more exciting and exclusive by the scarcity of the products, which players strive hard to obtain and display to the gaming community.

Exclusive content available solely through gameplay is found in NFT games. Because they gain access to exclusive in-game items and benefits, gamers feel a sense of accomplishment and status as a result. NFT games differ from conventional ones in that they offer a distinct and thrilling experience.


Best play-to-earn crypto games have enhanced the gaming industry by creating a new dimension. Coinfantasy pioneered the play-to-yield concept, letting players invest in games and generate real income. In addition to supporting immersive gameplay and incorporating metaverses, best play to earn crypto games are intriguing. Investing games like play-to-yield games at the moment, along with their game plays, were covered in this blog.

You may invest, play, and win NFTs, exchange cryptocurrency, and even make and trade games and in-game assets with these blockchain games. However, it demands a substantial time and energy commitment to make a sizable profit. Selecting those with the most fulfilling opportunities is the key.

Some of the fastest games to play are Coinfantasy, The Sandbox, and Illuvium since you don’t even need to download any software beforehand. In the future of crypto games, For people who understand cryptocurrency trading and how it operates, Coinfantasy is also one of the greatest games to play to earn cryptocurrency.  

So, why not yield games and make money while you play what you love? Check out some of the best play to earn games that are adored by cryptocurrency fans!