Best Big Coin Alternatives To Level Up Your Coin Game In 2023

Big coin alternatives

The gaming industry has reached an all-time high in the previous two years, thanks to the introduction of the metaverse and other immersive AR/VR game experiences. Users in such settings may not only play games but also purchase digital assets like real estate and collectibles using in-game cryptocurrency. This is where Big Coin alternatives come in. 

This new stage in video gaming is made feasible by the collaboration of blockchain technology and the gaming industry. The historic event breathed fresh life into gaming, presenting players and investors with never-before-seen very rewarding prospects in the cryptocurrency realm.

Gaming is quickly emerging as the next big thing in the crypto investing market, and selecting the finest gaming cryptocurrency to invest in may potentially mean huge long-term rewards for the investor. Here are a few Big Coin replacements to level up your coin game. 

Why Do You Need Big Coin Game Alternatives?

In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, big coin game replacements have emerged as a profitable potential for investors. As we approach 2023, the convergence of blockchain technology and gaming has given rise to a new class of play-to-earn games. These games use crypto tokens as rewards. Among the several crypto tokens accessible, a handful have proven to be the greatest coin games for investments.

These remarkable alternatives not only promise immense financial gains but also provide an entrance into the exhilarating world of gaming. In this detailed study, we will investigate the top candidates, diving into their distinguishing characteristics, market trends, and development prospects. 

Join us on an amazing adventure as we unearth the greatest crypto tokens positioned to impact the gaming industry in 2023 and beyond, whether you’re an experienced investor or a gaming enthusiast looking to discover new frontiers. Prepare to maximize the value of your assets and enjoy the thrilling confluence of game coin and cryptocurrency.

Top Big Coin Game Alternatives to Lookout for in 2023


CoinFantasy is the world’s first decentralized invest-gaming platform built on blockchain technology. It focuses on cryptocurrencies and the investment space, the game makes use of the possibilities of a decentralized economy. It also enhances the fantasy gaming atmosphere for the crypto markets. 

Best crypto coin based game

To play the game, you have to sign up and create your crypto portfolio. CoinFantasy offered immersive gameplay, including seamless user experience and engagement. Players who top the leaderboard are showered with amazing CFT rewards. You may earn as many CFTs as you want by playing games 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Not only is the game simple to understand and enjoyable to play, but it teaches players all about investment and helps them master the art of trading. With CoinFantasy, gamers can play, learn, and invest. You will get 100 energy credits every day, which will help you join the game. 

Recently, the platform has introduced premium games that players with PRO ZONE PASS can join. These are high-reward games that teach you all about investing. This is one of the great Big Coin alternatives that will help you play with coins. 


Decentraland is a well-known and widely utilized crypto gaming platform, with players constantly recognizing it as one of the greatest play-to-earn crypto initiatives in the market. Users in this virtual environment can purchase and sell NFT-coded pieces of land and real estate holdings. Decentraland’s play-to-earn features enable anyone to own Lands in the form of NFT plots. 

Participants would wait at an undefined future date with their eyes focused on the price fluctuation of the asset in the hope that the value would skyrocket and they could benefit from the bought LAND. Furthermore, landowners may easily lease out areas to other people to build any structure they choose. 

Houses, hotels, parks, theaters, casinos, art galleries, and other structures are examples of these constructions. As a result, the true owners of the property will be able to profit from the money generated by such constructions. Overall, the opportunities for producing money with Decentraland are fairly diverse.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the top P2E games in the crypto business. It is a decentralized, epic trading coin game built on the Ethereum Layer 2 solution Immutable X, which allows players to exchange cards for digital money.

Gods Unchained lets players make money while playing interesting card games, building, and trading with full NFT ownership. To win fights and competitions, Gods Unchained players must engage tactically.

Gods Unchained is a free play-to-earn crypto game, so players do not need to pay any money to get started. One intriguing aspect of this is that users do not need to purchase any tokens or assets to enter the gaming network. 

The Sandbox

One of the best big coin alternatives is The Sandbox. The game is a multiplayer metaverse game that combines the notion of innovation with revenue. Players may develop digital multiplayer gaming experiences and build assets that they can then commercialize for real money. The Sandbox enables players to manufacture and sell NFTs on the market. Payouts for sales are made in SAND, The Sandbox’s in-game currency.

The platform supports unique operations such as the creation of virtual worlds, buildings, art, events, and resources. As a result, players may control how the environment interacts with them, resulting in an infinite number of games on the platform. The Sandbox, like Decentraland, lets players purchase, sell, and rent virtual land.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the industry’s most popular P2E games. It has fascinating gameplay in which players are forced to combat their opponents using their pets in a digital realm. Axie Infinity players must use their ability and a healthy dose of competition to advance up the tiers.

To begin, players must locate and acquire pets known as “Axies” before engaging in fights with other players. Each Axie represents its own NFT. Another important aspect of the game experience is that users must look for Axies that are sufficiently strong to overcome their opponents. 

The site offers six different Axie breeds, each with six body parts that have various stats. As a result, it is necessary to be astute in selecting which pet is capable of dispatching the opponent. This is especially true given the game’s emphasis on various situations that need distinct attributes and techniques to prevail. Axie Infinity’s current market cap of $850.71 million. 


Splinterland, originally known as Steem Monsters, is a cryptocurrency card game based on the Hive blockchain that also connects to other blockchains. As one of the Big Coin alternatives, Splintershards acts as the game’s native government.

It is one of the greatest blockchain-based card games because of its unique gameplay features. It lets users fight monsters and receive rewards and crypto tokens in exchange. For its actions, the blockchain card game employs two sorts of cards: summoner’s cards and monster’s cards. A player can own both the summoner’s and the monster’s cards. However, only one of them may be utilized simultaneously. 

When a player uses the summoner’s card, it means that the player is asking another player with the appropriate monster’s card to combat. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are Splinterland’s in-game currency. As a result, winning battles increases the number of Dark Energy Crystals a player owns, implying more money from the game.


Illuvium is regarded as one of the best future crypto games due to the platform’s dramatic interplanetary adventures. It’s a wonderful NFT game with a great combination of RPG action and exploration of the galaxy. Illuvium is also the world’s first Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG).

Illuvium’s idea is that players must try to survive a destroyed starship. After that, they find themselves on Illuvium, a wrecked planet inhabited by Illuvials with otherworldly powers. At this stage, players are tasked with finding and capturing Illuvials, which are required to form a strong squad and engage in PVP games and other objectives.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a popular strategy game and one of the Big Coin alternatives based on the Solana network that includes space exploration, territory conquest, political dominance, and many more features. The game, with its complex and distinct metaverse, reimagines what a play-to-earn game may be. It fully utilizes the power of NFTs, making it one of the top metaverse NFT projects.

As a multiplayer blockchain game built on the Solana blockchain, Star Atlas can provide a secure gameplay experience to players inside its ecosystem. An alliance of alien creatures, sentient machines, and humans exists inside the Star Atlas environment. Furthermore, owing to the platform’s built-in deflationary mechanisms, resources used to build things on the platform vanish when a new item is generated.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an upcoming metaverse game that aims to deliver various benefits to its players by fusing unique gameplay techniques with the virtual world.

In addition, Battle Infinity has an IBAT Premier League, which provides players with a fantasy sports game that is connected with the Metaverse. As a result, gamers will have access to different platforms and NFT games from which they may make money. Furthermore, it allows players to have their distinctive avatar, which can be enhanced by changing their attire or hairstyles in the Battle Market.


Tamadoge is another popular option in the business for a high-potential investing game. It is a new cryptocurrency gaming project that sold out its presale in only eight weeks before skyrocketing when it was listed on exchanges.

Tamadoge is an organized NFT pets game in a similar vein to CryptoKitties, Neopets Meta, or Catecoin, but with a Doge theme, striving for entry into the meme coin popularity while adding additional utility – its native token TAMA will be an incentive token that players receive while engaging in a fight with their Tamedoge pets.

Closing Thoughts

This in-depth tutorial delves deep into the realm of crypto coin games. Furthermore, we discussed why investors might consider big coin alternatives as a choice of top crypto gaming. However, before starting to play, it is necessary to undertake comprehensive research and understand the fundamental concepts of each game, gaming method, and utilized token.


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