Ethereum Scares Investors With A Potential Fall To $1650

Ethereum Scares Investors

The price of Ethereum, compared to the US dollar, has begun to fall again below $1,850. In the short term, Ethereum scares investors with a potential decline toward the $1,650 supporting zone.

Why Does It Scare Investors?

  • Ethereum is falling below the $1,880 support level.
  • Unfortunately, the price is currently trading below $1,860 as well as the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average.
  • On the hourly graph of ETH/USD, a significant negative trend line is forming with support near $1,860.
  • If there is a definite move beneath $1,800, the coins might keep on falling.

Why is Ethereum Price on the Downward Movement? 

Ethereum has begun a new fall and is trading below the $1,880 supporting level. ETH even fell under the $1,850 support level, joining Bitcoin in the downtrend zone.

The price was trading near $1,800 and has created a bottom near $1,812. This led its current price to around $1,860 as well as the 100-hourly moving average in due course. On the hourly chart of ETH/USD, a significant downward trend line has begun to develop with resistance near $1,860.

The upward trend line and the $1,860 level provide quick resistance. Ultimately, the next point of resistance is found around $1,875 or the 50% Fib retrace level (a strong tool for determining support and resistance levels and, as a result, for developing low-risk trading plans) of the decline from the $1,936 high to the $1,812 low.

The first significant resistance appears to be emerging at the $1,888 level, which corresponds to the 100-hourly moving average. It is around the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level of the decline from the $1,936 high to the $1,812 low. A closing above the $1,888 resistance zone might push Ethereum up to the $1,920 barrier zone.

Furthermore, any advances might spark a nice rally toward the $1,950 barrier. In the mentioned scenario, the price may potentially surge to the $2,000 barrier level. The next significant resistance level is at $2,050.

Ethereum Scares Investors by Losing its Grip 

If Ethereum failed to break through the $1,888 barrier level, it could keep on falling. Besides, the starting point is at the $1,810 level, or the current low.

The next key support is at the $1,800 level, below which the value of Ethereum may fall to the $1,720 level. Any more declines might push the price down below $1,650 in the short term.

  • The ETH/USD MACD has begun to gain power in the negative zone.
  • The relative strength index for ETH/USD has fallen below 50.
  • $1,800 for a major support level
  • $1,888 is the major resistance level.

Why will Ethereum Price Fall Impact the Crypto Industry? 

ETH was launched on 30th July 2025 and it is a blockchain technology that is used to build decentralized apps, contracts, and other operations based on crypto. Ether, its native coin, is the second most valued cryptocurrency by market value. 

It creates a peer-to-peer network for anonymous executing and verifying application code known as smart contracts. Smart contracts enable parties to transact with one another without the need for an authoritative source of trust.

The Merge succeeded on September 15th, 2022 at block 15537393, transitioning Ethereum from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS). The improvement increased Ethereum’s longevity by cutting energy usage, and it was part of the Ethereum Foundation’s continuous efforts to enhance reliability, safety, and longevity.

Using the native Solidity programming language and Ethereum Virtual Machine, Ethereum provides a highly versatile framework for developing decentralized apps. Decentralized app creators who employ Ethereum to create smart contracts profit from the vast ecosystem of developer tools and recognized best practices that have come with the protocol’s growth. 

The vast user base of Ethereum motivates developers to put their services on the network, thus cementing Ethereum as the preferred home for decentralized applications such as DeFi and NFTs. The Ethereum 2.0 protocol, which is presently in advancement, will enable a more scalable platform on which to construct decentralized applications that demand higher transaction speeds in the future.

Closing Thoughts

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market. The recent decline in the support and resistance level of ETH panicked many crypto whales. Ethereum scares investors with a threatening fall to $1650. There is even a chance to lower its value. Let’s see how Ethereum is going to change from its price fluctuation.


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